What’s 3 inches long and squeels like a pig?

I was out mowing my yard the a couple days ago and had what can be best described as a close encounter of the furry kind.  It’s only the second time I’ve had one of this sort since moving to conservative hell, with the last being about 6 years ago.

As I was mowing I ran across a part of the yard and as I walked past I noticed something crawl up out of the ground and start running.  Initially I thought it was a vole or gopher, but it turned out it was a cute, kwuddlly bunny wabbit.  A baby bunny wabbit as it would turn out as it was only about 3 inches long. 

Yup, I found a nest of rabbits and mom was nowhere to be found.  I only saw the one baby initially.  So at the risk of contracting one of the diseases du jour, I picked it up so I could place it back in the nest. 

Then it happened.   SQQQUUUUUUUEEEEEEELLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!  Which raised the alarm for the other four babies to head for the hills.  So, this left me running around the yard catching baby bunnies.  I caught four and managed to get them back in the nest, but the fifth one ran to what I am sure is a certain death.  I had to catch two of the rabbits about three times until they got the idea that I wasn’t trying to eat them.  I can tell you that trying to corral baby rabbits is about as effective as attempting the same with cats.

At the end I learned something.  I didn’t know something so small could make such a big, ear piercing, sound.


3 Responses to “What’s 3 inches long and squeels like a pig?”

  1. I’ve heard the pitiful squeal of a baby rabbit as it gets carried away by a mother cat to feed her kittens. They are completely defenseless. I’m always surprised just how many survive to adulthood. I would think that the mother rabbit would have rounded them back up if you had left them alone. I found a rabbit nest one time and the next day the mother rabbit had moved them away.

  2. awh. I love bunnies. I’m glad you didn’t mow him down.

  3. a friend of mine ran over a bunny nest the other day with a mower. she was so sad. luckily there were NO injuries or deaths!

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