Safety aboard Pam Ann

If only they boarded Pam Ann safety cards such as this on aircraft, flying would be more fun!  I especially like the first panel.  TQE and I would laugh, someone like Ed would probably take it too seriously because it would be his first time on a plane. 

Click images to enlarge. 


4 Responses to “Safety aboard Pam Ann”

  1. When we are hurling to Earth at break neck speed then who’ll be laughing? I don’t have to worry because the only time I’ll ever fly is if I’m already dead. I believe dead bodies can be used as flotation devices during a water landing. Help yourself.

  2. Fraidy cat!

    I don’t think dead bodies can be used for flotation, but should we be stuck on the volcano in panel one, I’m sure you’d cook up well.

  3. Go ahead and eat me although I’ve been told I’m rotten to the core. 🙂

  4. eeek….

    I wanted to see Pan Ann, but the timing didn’t work out for me 😦

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