Walking… no. Driving… no.

I was going to walk today at lunch, but if I want to take my normal route I’ll need to find some scuba gear.  We got 6-inches of rain last night.  I normally like to get 6-inches, but in this case it has made life a bit difficult.  The route to the office was flooded this morning, and I walk under the flooded-out bridge when I walk at lunch.

Now that I have my iPhone, I was able to plot a new route while I was sitting in the traffic jam.   Not that I needed it, I knew how to get around it.  But hey!  I got a new toy, I’m gonna play with it.

UPDATE 1:19PM: It has stopped raining.  Our bobble-headed-bleach-blondes on the tv are telling us we ended up with 7.25 inches of rain since this time yesterday.  Wow…


3 Responses to “Walking… no. Driving… no.”

  1. yay you got it! i have a few of the free apps that help pass the time. i’ll have to see which ones they are. anyway. yay 🙂

  2. Tropical depression Fay dropped her load on your area. I guess the 7.25 inches was more than you could take. Here after the wettest spring ever we have a drought. Not even one inch since July. I missing getting those inches more than you know. I could use a good 6 inches myself. Whew, is it getting hot in here?

  3. Ed: I’ve been dying for a good thunderstorm. heck I’d do with a nice gray day with lots of rain. I love the rain and storms. And we’ve been skipped for a long time.

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