Why not just abolish it entirely?

Something I’ve always been puzzled by is the drinking age in the US.  I’ve really never understood why we have one.  You have the Attention Whores Mothers Against Drunk Driving coming out against lowering it, you have police coming out against lowering it, etc.

Today we have many major colleges and universities coming out against the age 21 standard.  They would like to see it lowered to 18.  Still, that isn’t enough.  All that will do is take away the law enforcement responsibility from institutions of higher learning.  

A better solution is to abolish the drinking age in the United States altogether. 


We get it wrong in this country.  The legal age in most states to drive a car is 16, but the drinking age is 21.  So we hand deadly weapons to people at age 16, then withold legal access to mind imparing substances until 21.  Legally witholding alcohol until 21 creates this 5 year window where kids will sneak off to use illegally obtained alcohol, without parental supervision (in most cases), which leads to binge drinking, etc. because it is “naughty.”

Insanity I tell you.

By allowing the use of alcohol from cradle to grave many things could/would happen.

  1. If they are always allowed to have it, alcohol will hold no mystery when people reach driving age, go to college, etc. 
  2. Since it has never been a mystery and people are allowed to have it at any age, society will be able to determine WELL IN ADVANCE who is responsible enough to drive an automobile.  You’ll know who the alcoholics are well before you hand them car keys.
  3. No longer being a mystery, binge drinking may get significantly lower on campus.

No, don’t lower the drinking age.  ABOLISH IT!


3 Responses to “Why not just abolish it entirely?”

  1. I agree with you. I think it’s insane that you can vote, go to war, drive a car, and shoot a gun all before you can drink. Like you said, it just allows for people to do it before they are legally allowed to. Also, in hand with that is the problem with our public transportation system in the US. If it were better more people could just be drunk on the subway or bus instead of driving their own cars. It’s not as exciting or thrilling if you’ve been able to drink since you can remember. If there has to be a limit I’d suggest 16 on drinking and 18 on driving. I also think driving is a privilege not a right. But that’s just me.

  2. As for driving, it would certainly help if drivers licenses were not handed out like coupons to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

    It’s entirely too easy to get a license, and I’ve noticed around here lately that if you follow the rules, you’re gonna die in a horrific wreck.

  3. I think the driving age should be raised to 24. I suspect that McCains wife had something to do with trying to lower the drinking age. She inherited the largest beer distributorship in the USA. They have 10 homes and owe it all to alcohol.

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