The staff is phychic

I am really starting to think it’s true.  I was sitting here last week with my thumb up my butt and now that I have a major data release to slog through (it takes a week to process) suddenly the staff is awake and needing things yesterday.  Do they truly need it yesterday?  No, they probably could have asked for it two weeks ago, but since nobody in the friggin’ office is proactive anymore, they let stuff sit and then they dump it on my desk wanting immediate action.

Umm… there is one of me and seventy-five of them.  Figure out what happens.  When it does happen, then I’m seen as uncooperative, unresponsive, etc.  I’m telling you, it takes a toll.  It’s probably why I’m so friggin’ crabby all the time now.

I swear, the day the house sells and closes I’m quitting immediately.  I’ve had enough of this horse shit.


2 Responses to “The staff is phychic”

  1. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. You need to move to a laid back community like Santa Fe. Phoenix will do. They have a no tie policy at most of the local restaurants. (my brother has friends there) Nothing like a good hike into the mountains to clear a mans head.

  2. And maybe even his prostate.

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