Woo Hoo!

Someone is coming to look at the house this morning.  Let’s hope they like it enough to put an offer in.

I’ll just say this… If anyone ever tells you that selling a house is less stressful than buying one they’re lying.


6 Responses to “Woo Hoo!”

  1. omg yayayayay!

  2. To bad you can’t get that fat lady and her big boned daughter from HGTV to come and tell you what is good and bad about your house so it will sell quickly. Clutter seems to be a biggie. Also, remove all personal items and photos. Good luck in finding a buyer and closing the deal.

  3. Good luck!

    I hope you start getting lots of offers.

    Are you going to kill the “Possibly Related Posts” feature?

  4. @TQE: I had thought about doing that but until now had been too lazy to figure it out. They should be off now, if I’ve applied the appropriate settings.

    I got feedback from the first person that looked at the house: “My client did not care for the bedroom off the kitchen…”

    OK, that’s constructive. Let me get out a hammer and some nails to completely rebuild that section of the house. Clearly they didn’t see the potential to install a second bathroom on the other side of one wall. *shrugs*

    On one hand it is good I got feedback, but is that kind really constructive? No action I can take with that kind of comment.

  5. Be sure that the person showing your house puts a positive spin on the bedroom such as: “Oh, look the bedroom is conveniently located near the Kitchen for those mornings after a late night out.” Also much can be overlooked if the price is right. It is a hard thing to hear and friends are afraid to say anything but make sure your house is priced right for the area and for what it has to offer. All the work you’ve done should count for lot but it is still an older house. It is a buyers market but if they didn’t make an offer they probably weren’t really interested. Better luck next time, I’m hoping a small family looking for their first home will come along.

  6. @Ed: I really have no control over what the person showing the house says. That person works for the buyer, so… I was just amused at the feedback they gave because telling me the sky is blue would have been as effective. Put another way, there isn’t much I can do to correct the “problem” in this case. The house is constructed as it is. *shrugs*

    I figure my buyer will be a young couple starting out, an older empty nest couple wanting something smaller than what they had their family in, or a college professor from the 4-year school down the street.

    I figure I’ll go a month and if nothing, I’ll drop the price a bit. I know I’m a bit high, but if I’m not getting showings, then I’ll worry about it. Really, I’m only one weekend in on this.

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