In a vacuum

I think I’m in a vacuum or all my dear readers are having a much more interesting summer than I am.  *shrugs*

Maybe I’m just boring.


3 Responses to “In a vacuum”

  1. Oh CQ All your readers are having a more interesting summer than thou? All your readers? Let’s see Today I mowed the lawn. Yesterday I mowed my Parents lawn. The day before that it rained all day. The day before that I pulled weeds in the garden. I have never been on a vacation in my life I just have either worked or sat at home watching paint dry. The one time I went to a party it was an Oktoberfest and I was arrested for Public Intoxication and thrown into the slammer. So I stay home and out of trouble. Wanna trade lives? I thought not.

  2. Naw, my life isn’t more interesting. I am just buried under all this shit that no one else wants to do! UGH!!!

  3. @Disenchanted – You must be dealing with native Italians.

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