Fear Marketing

What is it with all the fear marketing lately?  I’m getting rather annoyed, rather quickly.

First up, the new Duracell battery commercial.  Apparently if you buy Duracell batteries your child will not get kidnapped, at least that’s the message I got when I first saw the commercial.  The commercial comes complete with little Kevin running off, mommy not knowing where he went, mommy seeing a white panel van driving off (presumably with Kevin inside?), and then finally she grabs her child location beacon and finds Kevin.  The beacon worked all due to her remembering to put Duracell batteries in her overpriced crap. 

As one commenter on the news story linked above said, “…I thought it was funny that the child came back with a balloon. who the hell gave him the balloon?  weirdos…”  I couldn’t agree more.  We’re protecting Kevin with Duracell batteries and then a probable pedophile gives him a balloon?  Perhaps it was the Energizer bunny?

This commercial is simply annoying.  Next comes the point of today’s entry… the marketing phone call I got on my MOBILE phone today.  Yes, the one that is on the do-not-call list.

I only picked up the call because the house is now on the market (what I was going to blog about today until this happened) and saw an 800 number calling in.  My agent said when someone wanted to see the house, I would receive a call from an 800 number so I picked it up.

I get a person on the other side from my Internet access provider letting me know other companies have been having issues with personal information getting stolen off of their clients computers.  This was done in such a way to make me think that perhaps my own connection had been compromised.  They were going to send me a PC card (laptop) to take care of the security issue.

This raised suspicion with me as equipment like modems and the like do not generally get infected with anything; customer or network computers do. 

The person on the other end of the line kept going on about how my information was or would be compromised, etc. for about two minutes before he said, “We’re sending you the card free of charge, but if you want to keep it you have to have a $50 hold placed on your credit card…” 

ExCuSe Me?!!?  If my information has been compromised because of your system, shouldn’t the solution be free of charge to me?  It literally took me asking this guy that before I found out it was a MARKETING CALL.

I think this type of marketing should be declared illegal.  Calling someone without identifying it is a marketing call, scaring the crap out of them, then shaking money out of their wallet in the name of security is wrong.  It should be required that it be obvious that you are being marketed to.



One Response to “Fear Marketing”

  1. I personally can’t stand those degree deodorant commercials “for every OMG moment”. I want to throw my tele at the thought of that commercial. GAH!

    That’s totally crap that they are tricking people. Their “cards” probably “steal” information. GAH!

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