A road trip is in order

First stop – Toys R Us to pick up a Nerf bat.

Second stop – Atlanta to beat one of my sales people about the head and shoulders with the Nerf bat.

Lesson for the rest of my sales staff?  LET ME DO MY %^$#%^*&%^& JOB!  Don’t go out exploring and finding “research” on your own.  I’m paid to understand this stuff and when you provide clients with “data” you find by searching the Intrawebs it tends to blow up in your face.  When that happens, you blame it on me since it was “research” and of course, the research guy is responsible even though he’s not the one that put it out.

When you act like this, don’t be surprised when I show up on your doorstep and start beating you.  I’d probably prefer doing it with a tire iron, but since murder is punishable by death, I’ll just assault and bruise you with the Nerf bat.

That is all.


One Response to “A road trip is in order”

  1. if you’re going through SC you should stop by the accountant who hasn’t sent my refund check yet.

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