Like a cow thrown in the Amazon river

Today I had a first in my life experience. Yup, I held a yard sale. Yesterday, we moved P out of his apartment in Capitol City and brought all his stuff to the *house. This created a situation where we had a ton of duplicate stuff that needed to go. So we sold it in a yard sale.

We set up with signs an obvious statement that there would be no early sales. This didn’t stop people from wandering in the yard an hour early which I find rather annoying. If someone invites me to their home, I don’t show up early and expect them to accommodate me, at least not unreasonably so. They were here an hour early – I didn’t even have time to get set up. I think the strategy there is catch the homeowner off-base so they can get a better deal. That’s a strategy I find rather annoying and frankly might shoot a person on sight if they are not careful. Still, in the end it was good. We made enough money to get ourselves new phones (unlocked ones, I’m not going under contract again unless I HAVE TO…)

So, why like a cow in the Amazon?

We were picked clean like a cow eaten by piranhas. We started with a whole garage (1-car) full of stuff and when we were finished we had one smallish box left to donate to the Goodwill. Even though I am shy and leery of people being on my property, I would do this again if I had this much to get rid of… so long as I have P around to help me maintain my sanity in the crowd.

* Did you notice a certain name for the house has disappeared?


4 Responses to “Like a cow thrown in the Amazon river”

  1. When did you move out of the Crap Shack?

  2. Adam, CQ never moved…yet. He transformed the Crapshack into a showplace worthy of HGTV’s house of the year.
    CQ, I love going to yard sales and always bargain for a lower price. My sister takes me with her becasue she hates to bargain. I’ve saved her hundreds of dollars over the years. I got her a padded desk chair priced at $100 for $25 and a $1500 sewing machine for $800. Oh wait that last one wasn’t a yard sale, it was at a sewing center. I’ll bargain with anybody. ed

  3. Woot! Yard sales are da’ bomb — when you aren’t running them! Me, I am lazy. I just donate all my old shit to Goodwill (or to The Coach’s school, etc) and take the tax write off.

  4. @TQE – What Ed said. The house is 99.5% of the way done. I think I was hugging the floor after the carpet was put down as it was so wonderful to have a CLEAN house for a change. I actually feel like I’m living in one instead of a place that should be condemed and burned. I learned a TON during this process, and I know what to look for the next time I do this.

    @Ed – You go girl!

    @Disenchanted – I had quite a bit of stuff to get rid of such as excess furniture, a duplicate set of washer and dryer, etc. So while I could have donated, the money I got is much more useful.

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