When it’s done bury me at the Home Depot

I am so close yet so far away from getting this house remodel done.  I keep thinking I’m about done and then a whole new crop of things come up.  I swear, it’s like trying to keep weeds out of a garden.  You start at one end of the rows, and then by the time you get to the other, the weeds are back at the other end plotting the death of your manicured crops.  It’s amazing how a home can consume you.

The good news is that this place is actually starting to look like a home.  Could it be by the time I put carpet down at the end of this week that I’ll have to come up with a name to call it *other* than the crap shack?

I’m willing to entertain new names for the place, but I think the one I’ll like best is “sold”.


3 Responses to “When it’s done bury me at the Home Depot”

  1. I vote for the name: Greenwood Manor.

    “oh bury me not on the east coast please. But take my bones to the West coast ease.”
    “The Cynical Queer is about to fade, he now loves life since he met his mate.”
    “So sell the land and move on West, to the place where D finds dearest and best.”
    “We’ll grow old far from the place, we called a crapshack, in the land of grace.”

    Sung to the tune of: Bury me not on the Lone Prairie.

  2. i also think you’re too picky…at some point you should call it quits and put it on the market! it’s already a fabulous home 🙂

  3. Perhaps you’re right. Of course, people only tend to post photos of the good stuff. 😉

    Speaking of… I organized all the photos I took of the house last night and compiled them by room. After I’m done with the house and don’t have to worry about working on it everyday, I plan to put together a few before and after photos and blog ’em or send them in zip files to friends.

    I have an agent coming over tonight to look at it. I’m not done yet, but I have carpet install tomorrow which I’ve told them about. I think once the carpet is down I’m gonna go “WOW!” and be very happy. It will finally be a house.

    I think I have a handle on the asking price too. I know what I’ll ask, and I know what I’ll take.

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