A new airport for TQE to visit

I think TQE should visit the airport in Juneau, AK. 

From the article:

A spokesman for Cruise West, which owns the ship, said the company was trying to get passengers to the Juneau airport.

To which I say, that must be one impressive airport if you can provide curbside check-in with a ship.


8 Responses to “A new airport for TQE to visit”

  1. Hey! I’ve actually flown through that airport!

  2. Is it true that flying is the only way to reach Juneau? If so I ‘ll never go there.

  3. @ed: The article said the crew of the ship was trying to get the passengers to the Juneau airport, so apparently you can get there by ship now.

    And really, I think you should just go somewhere on a plane. I have a feeling they go down less often than you do.

  4. {SNORT} I just about spit my soda on the keyboard when I read your last comment!

  5. I’ll take that bet CQ!!!

  6. Flying in a plane is only one of the things I’ve never done. 😉

  7. @disenchanted: Glad I could brighten your day. 😉

  8. Me Too!

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