Slow Progress

Well I’m making some headway on the finish work on ye olde crap shack.  This weekend I’ve been painting trim.  I figured I’d get it ALL done this weekend, but it’s going incredibly slow.  Perhaps TQE is using his don’t paint the trim voodoo doll on me?

I can say the part I’ve gotten done looks great though.  And even though I’m changing the wall color slightly, painting the trim white has made my previous poor color choice look much better.

On another note, the bricks I put on Craig’s List are finally gone.  So now I don’t have that eyesore in the back yard anymore.  Yippie!

Let’s hope the balance of the trim work goes faster.

TQE would probably cringe if he was here.  When I paint, I draw the blinds and do it in the nude.  It makes cleaning up the paint splatters that get on me so much easier.

Now that I’ve given you all that wonderful visual…  The eye bleach and mental floss are over in the corner.  Yes, that one over there.


One Response to “Slow Progress”

  1. So what else do you do in the nude? That is a novel way to keep your clothes clean. I may start mowing the lawn in the nude. Talk about needing bleach or a sharp stick! How come I don’t have a hot neighbor who paints in the nude? My luck it would be a female. On a lighter note there was a shooting in the house across the highway from me and one guy was DOA. The police suspect a drug deal gone bad.

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