How to get rid of a ton of bricks

Gee, if I would have known I’d get this kind of response to come get all those bricks I no longer need, I would have done this months ago.

Apparently all one has to do is put a big “FREE BRICKS” ad on Craig’s List and people fall all over themselves to get them.   I’ve had 10 e-mails from people wanting these these things in the five hours since I posted the ad.


5 Responses to “How to get rid of a ton of bricks”

  1. fascinating… I’ve never really looked at craig’s list, but its good to know it works.

  2. I was hesitant about doing this since it requires letting a stranger come to my home. However, I then realized it was no worse than selling a used car in the newspaper.

    I had to recall the ad because I had such an overwhelming response. I ultimately had 15 people talk to me about taking these off my hands before I pulled the listing 10 hours after I posted it. I settled on the one that sounded most likely to actually come and get the whole pile.

    Somehow I doubt I’d get the same response for the house itself since it wouldn’t be listed for the price of free.

  3. disenchanted Says:

    It’s amazing what people will take off your hands. We put out a broken microwave, a couple of tacky lamps, etc. for the big trash day — and people picked it clear before the trash guys ever came.

  4. I put the old partial counter with the old kitchen sink installed out on the curb a couple weeks ago, and it was gone in the morning.

    I was surprised… When I took the old crank windows out of the porch, they were taken while I was in the process of hauling them out to the street.

    My guess on both is people were taking the metals (the sink, and the aluminum frames on the windows) to recycle.

  5. I’m a fan of craigslist. We ended up getting our year old washer/dryer set off of craigslist. We were going to put a few things on there but we have friends speaking for our extra stuff. yay craigslist!

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