Three-day workend

P and I put in a three-day weekend on the house this week.  I worked on replacing the cracked bricks in the exterior wall of the house, and painting the trim that we missed last fall.  Ptiled the back splash in the kitchen, which he got mostly completed excepting the grout in the joints.  So, other than that, the basebaord trim in the kitchen, and the drawer pulls, the kitchen is done.

P is off to Phoenix this next weekend to interview for a “job” out there.  It seems like an amazing opportunity and I hope he and the “employer” decide to work together.  If it works out, this will be step one of both of us moving to Arizona.  Unfortunately if he gets it and has to leave quickly, I will be left to do the rest of the remodeling myself.  Fortunately that is mostly trim work and painting.  There are a couple of other things, but for the most part the “heavy lifting” is done.

So for the next two weeks I think my project is going to be to paint the interior of the house and get that all squared away so he and I can do the garage drywall hanging and be done with it.  Once these things are done, I can call and get the carpeting installed, then it’s onto putting the house up for sale.  Let’s hope that happens in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Since today is trash day, he and I also cleaned out the ceiling in the garage.  The prior owners that lived here for 50+ years left a bunch of stuff up there.  I was really hoping I’d find an old suitcase filled with a few million dollars worth of bearer bonds, but no such luck.  I do think I found a map leading to the place where the mob hid Jimmy Hoffa though.  Maybe I can auction that on eBay? (Just kidding FBI!)

We found 2 old American Tourister hard sided suitcases from the early 60’s, a wooden bird cage, tar paper, a bunch of old lumber not really good for much now, old building materials from when the house was built 55 years ago, a *huge* Christmas wreath, and a whole slew of old plastic containers from the 60’s and 70’s.

Perhaps the most interesting find was the old cardboard cylinder (about 4 gallons in volume) marked “Phenobarbital” on the outside and stamped with a date sometime in the early 1960’s.  There were no drugs in it though, just more plastic containers.

With as much as people have been pissing in my corn flakes lately, I’m glad I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel that marks the end of my time in Conservative Hell. 


5 Responses to “Three-day workend”

  1. You still amaze me with the amount of work you guys get done every weekend. I swear we ultimately need to live really close by so you can teach me these things.I’m really a girl when it comes to anything handy. Not to mention I heart you and P. Arizona is a nice place…little to no allergies for me 🙂 hello new neighbor!

  2. disenchanted Says:

    too bad – I could have used those drugs on my eplipetic dog!

  3. By the time P gets to Phoenix you’ll be rising, You’ll find the note he left hanging on your door, you’ll laugh when you read the part that says he’ll miss you, cause you miss him before he even crossed the floor. By the time P gets to Phoenix you’ll be selling the crapshack to some family from way up north. They’ll think you for doing such a fine job of putting the place so up to date. Remember that P is out there waiting so hurry CQ and don’t be late, please don’t make him wait… (apologies to Glen Campbell)

  4. Thank you Brokeback Ed.

  5. I hope there is not a tire tool with my name on it. Brokeback Ed

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