When I die…

Please don’t bury me at the hardware store.

Last weekend P and I worked on getting the underlayment on the kitchen counters installed so we can put the laminate surface on this weekend.  We also repaired the water damage in the bathroom floor and replaced the flooring there.  After that the new room at the back of the kitchen received a coat of primer and paint on the ceiling. 

After everything that’s been noted in this blog regarding the house, there is still a ton to do.  *ack*  I was hoping to have the place ready for sale by July 1, but it looks like we’re not gonna make it. 😦  Maybe mid-July is more realistic?

I’ve also noticed that It seems everyone’s blogs are dying this summer save TQE.  I think we’re all either incredibly busy or depending on where you live, melting because of excessive heat/rainfall, or otherwise just not posting.

Maybe when I get the house done I’ll write more, but we’re still about a month from that.  I’ll try periodic updates until then.


3 Responses to “When I die…”

  1. Here in Southern Indiana we have sweltering heat and flood waters. I could not go to community college until today because of high water. I will miss stories about home remodeling when you’re done with it. I remember a King of the Hill episode where Hank Hill was wandering aimlessly in a big gigantic hardware store looking for the ceiling tile, “hello? anybody know where the hell the ceiling tile is?” Post when you can I still check to see if you’ve given your many fans an update.

  2. Wow, an impressive amount of work. I wish I could get down to see the house before you sell it, but I suspect that will not happen.

  3. @TQE: Thanks. It would be nice to receive a visit from you, but I know time is short and it costs a years salary to travel in the US anymore. *shrugs*

    I/We’ve be documenting the changes with ye olde camera. I’d open a flickr account, but I’ve been wearing my tinfoil hat lately.

    The biggest changes since you’ve been here are the kitchen and the porch between the garage and kitchen. When you were here the kitchen was a long, rectangular room about 27 feet by 13 feet. now it is two 13×13 (roughly) spaces.

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