TQE has been here

The photos below are my kitchen remodel in reverse chronological order. While I’m not done, it’s very close to being done as you can see by the first photo. I can actually use it again, but I’m not going to be making any gourmet meals soon. TQE saw this place when it looked like the last photo in the set.

Grand total thus far for this remodel is about $4000 to include the cabinets and the drywall work. P and I did the rest of the work ourselves.


5 Responses to “TQE has been here”

  1. Fabulous Kitchen, CQ! One with you slaving over a hot stove and P standing guard to make sure you fix his dinner next time please?

  2. Fantastic!

    I suppose you’re happy that you’re nearing the finish line.

  3. @Ed: Thanks! I think I’ll owe P quite a few meals after this is all done.

    @TQE: I am quite relieved to be nearing the end of that project. There is much left to do in the house total, but we are now to the cosmetic phase where most anything we do has a huge impact on the look. The mechanical phase is done. 🙂

  4. I had commented earlier but I wasn’t logged in…so it seems as if wordpress ate my comment. BUUUT

    I said looks really great and tell p i said he’s a great helper 🙂 ❤ xoxo

  5. @koko: Thank you. We’ve put a lot of hard work into that kitchen. It looked like the before photo when P and I visited you in Butter Churning Land.

    Honestly, I might have mistakenly deleted your first comment, but I’m not sure if that is likely. I wouldn’t have done that purposely of course.

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