Just. Shoot. Me.

Ugh, three straight days of working on ye olde crap shack.  Considering that Friday afternoon I had four blank walls and nothing to really discern that this was a kitchen to having something I can use albeit not finished, is an amazing accomplishment.  My thanks and love go out to P, without whom none of this would have been possible without my buying some friends.

We spent five hours shopping for finish materials, followed by a day of uncertainty (by me, P knew it would work) that said materials would look good.  Primed and painted entire kitchen that was finished last week by the drywall crew.  Install questionable materials and realize that once I put up the cabinets, set the new vinyl on the floor, and pushed all the appliances into the partially renovated kitchen that, hot damn, I should start an HGTV show of my own.

When finished I will have an earth tone kitchen complete with tile back-splash that looks like stone, faux granite counters (read – formica that mimics granite) and a yellowy beige paint to pull it all together.  Something rather contemporary compared to the country chic that the kitchen had before (read – cabinets falling apart, crappy electric, buckling floors, etc.)

I’m actually seeing a light at the end of this kitchen remodeling tunnel.  I’ll certainly post before, during and after photos once it’s finished.  Hopefully these will all be from the same angle.  I know TQE will definitely appreciate it as he’s been to the crap shack and has seen the garbage I lived with previously.

Hopefully i’ll be able to enjoy this stuff for a bit before I sell the house, but i really do want to get out of Conservative Hell, so perhaps I won’t get to enjoy it long. *fingers crossed*


5 Responses to “Just. Shoot. Me.”

  1. So how much would you sell P for? He is one in a million. I watch HGTV all the time (I’m a wussy) and a beautiful Kitchen is a sight for a sissy boy to behold. Bad news: The house values are falling faster than the gas price is rising. Good news: The house you’ll be buying will sell for less than anytime in the last 15 years.

  2. @Ed – Real estate markets are local and not national. Yes, if you listen to the national news, it’s all doom and gloom. However, there are still some parts of the country that are faring well, albeit more typical. The huge increases happened Mostly on the west coast and in Florida, and those are the places getting hammered.

    Conservative Hell is doing fine oddly enough. House prices are not accelerating, but they are not falling either. So as long as I don’t get greedy I should do just fine.

  3. Around here they are foreclosing on property everywhere. They are having auctions without getting any acceptable bids. It would be a great time to buy if one had the funds.
    My neighbor tried to burn her house down because the sheriff was coming to throw her out.
    At least now she has a roof over her head and three meals a day in jail. She had two reverse mortgages and two regular mortgages, I didn’t know that was possible
    There are people lining up for free food that used to be the ones who donated. If the same bunch stays in power four more years we all will be homeless.

  4. Geez. You are the second person I know who is working on their kitchen this summer.

  5. Yes, but unlike the other person you know, it looks like I may have mine wrapped up before summer “officially” starts. 😉

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