More, more, more!

Sleep I need it! Sleep I need it!

OK, projects update.  New garage door mostly installed.  Good enough I can lock it anyhow.  I have a spring support I need to replace, but other than that the door is hooked to the opener and ready to use.  I’m afraid to park the car in there until I get the support repaired though. 

Kitchen mostly torn apart and in need of drywall.  I must get a contractor in!

Front yard mulched.  This is the first time in probably 20 years this has been done, and it probably added about $10,000 to the value of the house.  I should have done this much sooner.

That is all.


5 Responses to “More, more, more!”

  1. you’re getting so close!!

  2. Soon your manse will be so fine you’ll hate to leave it. If you go to a new house you’ll have to start all over again. It is a good thing P is good with his hands.

  3. @ed: Among other things…

  4. Don’t you know it baby. I’m surprised you get any work done.

  5. I could use you to come to my house and work. 😀 I’m just happy that I got my flowers planted last week.

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