He won’t get my vote for President

Senator John McCain (R)epulsive Fashion, in New OrleansSenator John McCain can’t possibly get my vote, and it’s not because he’s a Republican.  Nope, it’s because he and his wife will deeply offend my gay sensibilities because they have absolutely no clue how to properly dress.  We must stop this fashion disaster duo from becoming the first family of the United States.

You would think someone on his staff could have tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Senator, it’s in poor taste to wear a black belt with tan slacks…”

 The next thing you know, his wife will wear white after Labor day! 

Speaking of his wife, WTF is up with those glasses?  Is she nursing a hangover?

If the rest of America can be so shallow in their electoral decisions, why can’t I?


4 Responses to “He won’t get my vote for President”

  1. i’m more concerned about her shoes! PUKE!

  2. A hangover is a good guess. After all she owns the largest beer distributorship in the U.S. of A. Oh the hyprocrisy! All of those fundamentalists voting for the husband of a woman who provides alcohol to drunk drivers everwhere.

  3. I was reserved in my comments about Mrs. McCain because I wanted the subject to be about her husband.

    I had some down right catty things to say. If you look at the photo, it’s kind of hard to tell if:

    1. She’s nursing a hangover, the evidence hiding behind those hideous glasses.
    2. Her wig is sliding off her head.
    3. She’s in desperate need of a bathroom (just look at how she’s standing)
    4. Not quite the same since she returned from her cornea implant surgery at Area 51.

  4. My plumber has more fashion sense than these two.
    But then, my plumber is gay.

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