I want a day off

I think at some point, I’d like to take a day off.  For the past two weeks all I’ve done is get up, either go to work or work on the house, work on the house all day or work on it when I get home in the evening, etc. 

I have managed to get all the new outlets hooked up in the kitchen except two, but that shouldn’t take long tonight.  Considering I wired everything into the electric panel in the garage last night, and then wired most of the outlets after that (4 of the 6-7), the two or three that are left shouldn’t take long.

I promise that someday I’ll have more to say other than I worked on the house.

For a list of what has been done since Saturday morning, continue below.

  1. Moved everything off the kitchen shelves and temporarily placed it in the new room.
  2. Tore the upper shelves in the kitchen out.
  3. Tore out most of the plaster on the kitchen wall to take care of the wiring and to ultimately patch all the holes, cracks, etc. from old heaters, plumbing, and appliances when the new drywall goes up.
  4. Removed most of the old wiring.  This was ungrounded 2-lead wire and modern code requires 2-lead with a ground (3-wire).
  5. Split the single circuit in the kitchen that ran *everything* except the stove into a total of 4 circuits, each requiring its own run back to the electric panel in the garage.
  6. Circuit 1 – a single circuit for the refrigerator.
  7. Circuit 2 – one circuit for the over the stove microwave and the counter outlets adjacent to the stove.
  8. Circuit 3 – for the dishwasher.
  9. Circuit 4 – for the remaining counter outlets adjacent to the sink.

Add in last nights work for hooking to the electric panel and wiring the outlets themselves, and that running the circuits above required multiple wires into and out of the attic, and you get just how big this project is.

OK, I’ve bored you enough.  Back to work! 🙂


3 Responses to “I want a day off”

  1. You’re really making progress CQ! Before too long you’ll be done 🙂

  2. sounds like a circuit party.

  3. I enjoy your blogs about remodeling the crapshack. I do hope you include before and after pictures.

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