Kitchen – part 2

Many thanks to P for all his hard work on the kitchen this weekend.  Other than hooking up the outlets and making the connections in the electric panel in the garage, the kitchen wiring is done.  Whew!

The part we did get finished is the hardest part of any wiring project – stringing the wire, since you have to be in the attic or under the house to do most of that. 

We still have a bit of demolition to accomplish behind the existing counters, but we’ll do that once they are taken out.  After that we are in reconstruction mode.  We’re almost ready to have someone come in and do the taping and mudding of the drywall.  Yippie!  After that it’s install the cabinets and all the other things that you expect to see in a kitchen.

I’m off to nurse my bruises (from crawling around the attic) and to fall asleep at my desk now. 



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