What the F*ck did you do to the kitchen?

That’s what the cat said today as P and I “filmed” another episode of Crap Shack Remodel. Today’s episode: Kitchen tear-out.

Yes, that’s right. CQ has the oddest home on the block right now as it is now a 3BR/1BA/No kitchen house. We tore all the plaster off the walls today, so now the kitchen is mostly a room with exposed studs (something I really like when they are the human variety) so that we can re-wire it and prep it for modern appliances. It’s going to have this amazing modern device called a garbage disposal when I’m done. Yippie! I’m so looking forward to that as I’ve not had one since I lived in my apartment 5 years ago.

So I guess for the next month or so I’m going to be eating out a lot, and otherwise working hard to make sure I get this project done more quickly than any of the others that have come before it.

Amazingly enough, I also got fertilizer down on the lawn today before it poured rain. Just the perfect scenario when you put this down because otherwise it burns the lawn.

More to come later. I’m going to try to blog more than I have recently. I’ve suddenly realized that I have not blogged much since I got back from the citizenship appointment.


One Response to “What the F*ck did you do to the kitchen?”

  1. Did you hold the stud finder on P and say it’s working? No kitchen? How will you survive? Have you noticed the increased price of take out food? I’m almost ready to turn the gas back on my stove. The only food I ever fix at home is what I can nuke in the microwave. Where might I see this film of the Kitchen tear out? Gee, I ask a lot of questions for someone from the Midwest.

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