I must be a stress puppy

Lately I just seem to be a big ball of stress.  I think the fact the balance of my house remodel isn’t going as quickly as I’d like is probably a good portion of it, but honestly I have myself to blame for much of that.  I could do more in the evenings to move this along, and probably should.

I had an odd dream a couple nights ago that resulted in waking with a minor panic attack.  I’m preparing to move to a different location in the office (the first time in 8 years) and I’m trading in my spacious area for something a bit smaller, but I get a window out of the move. 

I think I had the panic attack because the smaller space may not fit all the stuff I have to keep that is required of my job.  I have three full book shelves of stuff and I really don’t think my HR department takes into account the accoutrement’sof a persons job before they decide what work space you will get.  They simply see workspace-person-stuff ’em there.   Naturally, the HR Trolls have huge workspaces because, “We have all these files that we have to store…”  Um, so do the rest of us.  We need an extra office just to put our bound volumes of data in.

The dream I had about this move was weird.  It was moving day and I had moved over half my stuff to the new space, when the HR director showed up and said, “We’ve changed our mind, you’re going over to this office over here in the back hall…”

Our back hall has offices on both sides.  On one side they are nice, light, and airy if a bit small, which would be tolerable.  However, on the other side of that hall are offices that are even smaller, with no windows and a single fluorescent light over your desk.  It’s kind of like that office from the beginning of that crappy Tom Hanks flick Joe vs. the Volcano, only not as roomy.  Or put another way, I’ve had walk-in closets bigger than those spaces.

Could it be that my panic attack came from having to figure out how to stuff all my items into the space I know about and suddenly being given something much smaller, windowless, and therefore claustrophobic?   Perhaps…  But why would I panic about it?  Odd.

Another factor could be I’m convinced they will decide moving day is going to happen while I’m in Arizona.  We were supposed to have moved a month ago, but HR keeps pushing it off.  I have news for them, unless the company is reimbursing me for the cost of my trip, the move won’t happen until I get back from my trip if it has not been done before.

I have other sources of stress right now, but none that I’m going to air here.  I’m just hoping next week will be a better one with less stress.


One Response to “I must be a stress puppy”

  1. *hugs* I had a dream that my upstairs neighbor was a hooker and I went some where and changed 1k dollars to quarters. Then I was pissed because it was heavy. At least your dreams make sense! 🙂

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