Pi**ed, just Fu**ing Pi**ed!

OK, maybe this is a bit *too* strong, but I’m angry this morning. 

As I was on my way out the door, I noticed my little winged, wood eating friends are still about.  I’ve paid the exterminator a sum of around $1200 so far to eradicate these little bastards, and yet there they were again, flying about my living room and crawling on the hardwood floors. 

I’m about to sue the exterminator.  They’ve treated this problem twice, and yet the little bastards are still here.

Now onto the good…

P was in this weekend and we finally finished the next episode of my series.  This weekend was, Crap Shack Remodel: New closet installation .  The construction on the new bedroom is complete to the point that other than putting the new skin of drywall on the ceiling, there really isn’t more that we can do until the room is taped and mudded (read, finishing the seams between the drywall joints).  It took us another full weekend of about 20-hours of work to get the old built-in cabinet out of the middle bedroom, re-frame the house so that the space from the old second doorway into that bedroom, combined with the space obtained from the area of the built-in, became a new closet for the third bedroom.

It’s official, my two bedroom house is now a three bedroom house.

I think for all of his help that P is going to get more than a hug and kiss next weekend. 😉


2 Responses to “Pi**ed, just Fu**ing Pi**ed!”

  1. Ouch… at least your not committing cruelty lol

  2. P deserves so much more than that, CQ. Hey, I’ve moved up too. My ever enlarging skylight in the kitchen is now a blue light as I covered it with a tarp. I sure don’t want any more coons dropping in uninvited.
    Are the winged insects Termites or ants? It is a constant battle with those buggers in the south. The only insecticides that worked to kill them have been banned.

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