Unsolved Mysteries

P was over this weekend helping me with the house again.  This weeks episode of Crap Shack Remodel: What’s up with that?!?! involves a mystery wire.

We put up some drywall in the new room that we partitioned from the kitchen some time ago.  After we went as far as we could with that we needed to work on some wiring up in the attic, because a couple wires needed to be moved, modified, and otherwise taken out of the way for the next project – Crap Shack Remodel: New closet installation since these wires would be dangling in the middle of the closet if not removed. 

While I was up in the attic, I decided to remove a ton of wiring that was no longer hooked up to anything.  These wires were mostly feeder lines for the old electric baseboard heaters that I disconnected during Crap Shack Remodel: New electric box installation.  I have one mystery wire that I can’t figure out what is going on, or what it is ultimately hooked up to.  It is part of the original wire installation on the house back in 1953, but it runs the entire length of the attic, then drops down into the exterior wall on the opposite side of the house from the electric panel. 

A true mystery indeed.  I just hope it isn’t hooked into some mystery switch I have yet to identify.  For now, I capped it off with wire-nuts in the attic, but I think it would do me well to solve this mystery before I consider the work up in the attic complete.


3 Responses to “Unsolved Mysteries”

  1. It’s the wire to your neighbor’s house. You’ve been paying their bills all along.

  2. I think it may be the wire that is hooked up to an outlet in the crawlspace. There is an outlet under there that was installed when the AC system was put in, but it has never worked.

    Freaking AC contractor farktards. I’m tempted to hook it up to an extension cord, just to see if it gets electricity to the outlet. Obviously I couldn’t leave it that way, but I’d be able to tell if it was hooked up to that wire in short order.

  3. Ah, at least you are making progress with your remodel. We’ve stalled because The Coach doesn’t want to take down the ugly ass wallpaper in our landing.

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