No entry permitted

Nothing to see here… move along citizen.Nothing to see here… move along citizen.This is the sign that should be posted on all federal buildings in Washington, DC.  For over 200 years, the general public was admitted to these facilities with little or no checking, or at least reasonable searches.  OK, I understand we live in a world where one wackjob can ruin the whole day.  But really, why is it that *everything* a tourist would want to see in Washington, DC now comes with a visitors center, where you have to get a ticket, get strip-searched, wait over half a day, and finally be allowed admittance provided you swear that you’re a Christian and do not have a bomb under your hat?

I’m rather annoyed at this.  What I could do in Washington, DC in a well-planned single day when I was in high school, now takes up to a week to accomplish because of the false sense of security the government has for everything. 

I find it ironic that you have to practically endure a strip search just to see the original copy of the bill of rights.  Are they denying you the protections of the 4th amendement to the US constitution just so you can see the original copy of the constitution?  I say yes.  You now have to endure an unreasonable search and seizure just so you can view the original document that says the government can’t do this to you.  Sadly, the sheeple will just go along with this.

While in Philadelphia, it was obvious they were trying to protect Independence Hall with flimsy barricades that may stop a bike messenger, but would be hard pressed to stop a Timothy McVeigh style operation.  Is it really security if someone can pull up in a moving van full of fertilizer and fuel oil? 

No, it isn’t.

I give up!  The “turrerists” have won.  I have hope that once we get a new administration next year that the tourists will win.  This is getting ridiculous! 

The land of the free and home of the brave, is neither. 


2 Responses to “No entry permitted”

  1. Ben Franklin said, “Those who give up their Freedom for security are neither free nor secure.”

  2. It’s a trade-off…you got to see presidential heads for free no questions asked. And no metal detectors 😛

    But I agree with you though…that’s crap.

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