So can I or can’t I?

On my recent trip I used Priceline to reserve the rooms for the two cities I stayed in. In the first city, I stayed at a hotel that was billed as 4-stars, but I think I was placed in the 2-star Priceline wing. I know this happens occassionally due to my experience with this in London with TQE, but the hotel website said they had completely renovated the entire facility about 2 years ago. I would have expected even the Priceline rooms to be nicer than what they were.

This room was horrible, at least as it goes with being a 4-star facility. The furniture was worn, chipped, cracked, in disrepair, etc. I would have expected something more in a hotel with the type of rating it has. I also noticed I was in an obviously smoked in, non-smoking room. I was presented with a bit of a riddle to solve. On the chipped table, there was a little sign that said I would be charged a $250 cleaning fee if I smoked in the room. Then I found an ashtray in the bathroom.

So which is it? Can I smoke, or can’t I? I’m just not sure.Smoking?


2 Responses to “So can I or can’t I?”

  1. That is so F*cking funny! I would have been afraid they would accuse me of smoking there. I used to collect ashtrays back when they had the name of the Hotel on it.

  2. heheh i love P…i knew about this entry before it appeared πŸ™‚ i feel so privileged πŸ™‚ oh and i’m up to 7 now on identicals.

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