Signs you’re about to involuntarily leave office

I was being told as recently as today that my work space was moving as early as this week.  However, after packing most of my materials, the HR folks come back and tell me not until at least mid-April.  *ugh*  This is not the main reason for my post, but rather what triggered it.

I was going through my stuff deciding what I need to keep, what I need to send to our corporate warehouse, and what I could simply throw away, when I stumbled upon some old issues of the magazine for Continental Airlines.  I was amused at what I was seeing.  In early 2003, their cover prominently featured Tom Delay-R(epugnantone) , the former representative from the Houston, TX area.  A little bit later in the year, they featured Jim McGreevey-D(ancing boy from Fire Island), the former governor of New Jersey. 

So I have one thing to say to all politicians out there.  It seems the early sign that your political career is ready to implode is when the editors of the Continental Airlines in-flight magazine decide to feature you on their cover.  So if you get that call, make sure you don’t accept it, because within two-years of doing so you will no longer be holding your prominent office.

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One Response to “Signs you’re about to involuntarily leave office”

  1. typical, hurry up and pack then they say oh you’re not moving for a month.
    I don’t know why Obama came here so soon but now Hillary is coming because Barrracks did. Our primary isn’t until May. The Republicans are crying here because we have strict laws against voting across party lines in the primary. They want to slant the vote the way they have in most other states. Barrack Hussein Obama listened to that anti-white racist preacher for over 20 years but claims he wasn’t affected by it, please!

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