CQ the slave driver

That was me this weekend. It was another long episode of Crap Shack Remodel. This weekend’s episode: Drywall.

P was here this weekend and in keeping with his wonderful past, worked overtime on helping me get this house in shape so I can sell it. This weekend was drywall-a-palooza, where we finished most of the substantial work on the porch enclosing project.  This guy must really love me if he’s helping me this much on this project.  The feeling is mutual. 🙂

Please see the progression of photos below (click image to make larger). The first three photos were taken about 2-weeks ago, the last was taken today. The first three show progression of work over two days and the last one shows what things looked like for the whole room after working both days this past weekend.

Note: These looked much better on a laptap than a tube monitor.

Tearing out bricks 2Plumbing and bricks outPorch Remodel 4Porch Remodel 5


5 Responses to “CQ the slave driver”

  1. So CQ, are the Washer and Dryer mad at each other? I’ve never seen the pair that far apart. Tell me that is temporary please.
    Maybe P only likes to remodel and after it’s done he’ll find somebody else to help. J/K. Even I love that man he is so good to and for you. Kiss him for me please. Those pictures are great. This house is going to be too good to sell. When I win the Lottery I’ll come down there and buy it. haha.

  2. They are not mad at each other, but this was the only practical way to fit them into this particular space. Prior to moving the washer to this locaiton, it was immediately on the other side of the wall it is on, in the kitchen. Since the plumbing was already there, it made more sense to put it there so as to not have to completely re-work the plumbing, as there was no room to do so in the crawl space.

    The dryer is on the other wall because that is the side the electric panel is on.

    If I were building from scratch and not dealing with a concrete slab floor, I probably would have done this differently.

  3. I actually must say from a practical standpoint it is nice to have the W/D mad at each other. That’s how it was set up at our old apartment and it was nice when we were switching laundry over. I would have never thought it to be a good idea…but I like it that way.

    Also you and P have done an amazing job!!! everything is coming together! looks great!!!!!

  4. My Primary election and yours are on the same day I think. Already, the candidates are starting to come by here. People waited outside all night to be first in to see Obama. Has the world gone mad? I kept saying my state will be different but I guess not. Now if only a Gay could run and get this much support. I’ll be circling the drain for the last time long before that happens I’m afraid.

  5. Not until after Pennsylvania vote will we see them. You probably saw O-bomb-a because you are next door to his home state.

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