Government efficiency

I never thought I’d say this, but I found an organization that makes the US Department of Transportation look like a model of transportation data efficiency.  The US DOT is only one-year behind, Transport Canada is more like three or four-years.  *ugh*


3 Responses to “Government efficiency”

  1. As beautiful as Canada is, with such nice people, James and I were very surprised to find that their highways were mostly DISMAL.

    Whazzup with that?

    I guess the harsh winters have something to do with it, but that’s still no excuse for such a “together” country (in many ways) to have such bad roads.

  2. They were worse than California? WOW!

  3. Yes, they WERE worse than California roads.

    Which is hard to believe!

    California’s roads used to be the best in the country, next to Florida’s. Now they’re just about the worst. On our recent drive to San Francisco, I-80 felt like a cattle trail.

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