Happy “11th” birthday to my cousin

Happy “11th” birthday to my cousin that lives in Brazil.  He is an American ex-pat, much like TQE. 

Perhaps I’ll get to visit my cousin down in Brazil for his “12th” birthday – four years from now.


2 Responses to “Happy “11th” birthday to my cousin”

  1. I have a cousin that lives in Brazil too. I’ve traveled to see him many times over the years. He comes here to visit two or three times a year. Yet none of us have flown on a plane. Of course I’m talking about the birthplace of Orville Redenbacher, Brazil, Indiana!

  2. One of the women I work with had her baby on leap year. Amazing. 😀 Of course, my dad died on leap year also. So, technically, Friday would have been the first anniversary of his death.

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