Note to TQE

If we end up in a cheetah enclosure and the cats get agitated, I’m making sure I run faster than you.

Your pal,



5 Responses to “Note to TQE”

  1. It seems you’re either going to the zoo or Africa. I hope you can run fast, Cheetah’s can go 60 miles an hour. I hope it is Africa, you guys do the explorer scene so well. This time I want you to take advantage of “friends with benefits” If that Tent is rockin’ don’t bother knockin’ haha.

  2. I really love TQE as a friend, but our relationship doesn’t go *that* far. As a matter of fact, he kind of went “AAAAAIIIIEEEE!” when CQ junior made a surprise appearance in South Africa.

    TQE and I are watching the same foreign show right now, and this post is a reference to it.

    Q: How do you outrun a cheetah?
    A: Make sure you’re running faster than your friend that’s in the cage with you!

  3. HUH? Which show? I am so confused.

  4. Amazing Race – Asia

  5. That is exactly the sound I would make as I fell to my knees. 😉

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