How much will it cost this year?

Today we have our annual benefits reduction meeting at the office.  At least that is what I’ve taken to calling it.  Last year was the first year since I’ve been at my present job that we didn’t have some sort of reduction in benefits, so I was surprised.

This year they sent out an employee survey which I think gave a glimpse into what they are doing.  If they do what I think they are, suddenly the recent raise I got is going to go out the window.  So that would be VERY bad.  On the other hand I’d be luckier than most, because I will have gotten an increase in pay to deal with the upcoming situation.

I’ll post more after I attend this meeting.  I can’t wait to see what they gut out of it now.  Since it’s only electroshock and a band-aid at present, I’ll be interested to see which one of those is taken away.

UPDATE: Well push me over with a feather!  They didn’t increase premiums or deductibles and they didn’t lower coverage.  Amazing.


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