Wiring – part two

Well, P and I got the rest of the wiring except for wiring parts three and four done this weekend.  Parts three and four are to be done with the kitchen remodel, which we have not started yet.  I now have modern circuits in the kitchen partition and one modern/grounded outlet in the middle bedroom, which is where I hooked that new wire to the existing/old wiring. 

Depending on time considerations with the rest of the remodel, I may update the wiring on the rest of that circuit, but the other jobs are more important.  This portion of the wiring went *much* faster than the project the day before, and it feels good to have split this overloaded circuit into two separate wire runs. 

I’m also now enjoying nice, steamy showers.  Today I was much relaxed and not a human ice sculpture.  Good thing, since it got much colder overnight.

Next up: Painting the interior trim.  I think that will make a huge difference on the look and feel of the interior of the house.

Stay tuned…


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