Wiring – part one

Today P and I rerouted one of my exterior lights to a new circuit. We also got the post lamps that are at the back of the driveway working. If I’m to believe the neighbors that have lived here since the 1950’s, this is the first time in at least 20 years that these post lamps have been functional.

We planned to get the outlets that are part of the back of the kitchen remodel hooked up, but for some odd reason it took us all day to get the wiring for the lights sorted out. Most of that was fishing the wires where they needed to go, which should have taken about 20 minutes, but thanks to the idiots that ran these wires 55 years ago it was an all-day project. You think you could just hook onto the old wire and pull the new one through, but nope! We had to tear the eaves apart to get the new wire run. *ugh*  This has created a new project in that we now have to re-paint that portion of the eaves.  I’ll do this when I paint the new windows and trim work that P fixed up last weekend.

Let’s hope that wiring – part two, goes better tomorrow.


One Response to “Wiring – part one”

  1. I’m not as thick as I sometimes seem, CQ. I knew you meant sucking water off the garage floor but the very thought of sucking the water of your body was a great picture in my mind.
    Is there any home project you guys can’t do? Damn it, why couldn’t you have lived next door to me?

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