Today I became a human ice sculpture. 

Why?  My hot water heater is producing no hot water, and I can’t figure out why.  I tested it last night and thought a heating element was out, so I drained the heater and put a new one in.  Nope, I went from having tepid water to ice water. 

Next step?  Put in new thermostats.  Let’s hope that works.  The cost for all the parts to completely rebuild the heater electric is about $30, but I’d rather not spend it if I don’t have to.  Still, it would be nice to take a warm shower as I’m still cold from this mornings blast of 37 F degree water.

Update: I went home at lunch and fixed the heater.  It seems to work now.  Read about it in the comments.


7 Responses to “Brrrr….”

  1. Well, at least you’re awake now. And obviously not, uh, horny if the rumors about cold showers are correct. 😛

  2. Once those heating elements start going they don’t stop. They are put in there so that they will be attacked and destroyed instead of the heater itself. Those rods are scape goats. I’m afraid it’s time to bite the bullet and buy a new water heater.

  3. disenchanted hit the nail on the head…

    you really needed that cold shower, I’m tellin’ ya!

  4. @ TQE and Disenchanted: Alternately, I could stop taking my medication.

    @Ed – Cost of a new water heater: $250 minimum. Cost of a new heating element? $10. It’s a no-brainer.

    I put the new element in the tank and now it’s running. I could hear it heating the water. I left it off when I left (I was home for lunch and fixed it) because I didn’t let it drain far enough before I took out the heating element to replace it so the insulation in the heater got wet. I thought I had drained it far enough, but apparently not. *ugh* So now the insulation is drying out and I’ll see if it’s dry enough to leave the heater running.

    I’ve had two showers today. Though the last one was taken in the garage and required clean-up with the wet/dry shop-vac.


  5. CQ, you should have used P to dry you off. I don’t suppose you have a video of you using the vacuum to suck yourself dry do you?

  6. No, I leave the sucking me dry to P normally.

    In this case I was sucking the garage floor dry. It would have been bad to leave 10 gallons (or for our metric friends, 38 liters) of water sitting there.

  7. just a random comment. i always laugh a little when people say “hot water heater” because its a little redundant? isn’t a water heater making the water hotter? it’s actually fairly common for people to call it a hot water heater. a foreigner pointed this out to me once…and i had to laugh 🙂

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