I’m a rebel

Yes, I ignored a sign today because I was tired of having to walk a mile out of my way to take my one and half mile walk.  I suppose I could walk somewhere else, but there is a specific destination on these walks and there isn’t realistic alternative available for the reason I take the route I do.  I also have a time constraint on the amount of time available to take my daily journey.

So today I walked right past the park closed sign and walked through the park that has been closed for 6 months because the contractor has been too lazy to come take the barriers down.  I’m going to get my exercise, and damn it, I’m going to get my daily caffeine fix from the convenience store!

Mission accomplished.


2 Responses to “I’m a rebel”

  1. yay exercises! i have a really nice park next to me…one lap is 2/3 mile. however i never paid attention to the big ark and cross.

  2. You are such a Hedonist and also an Anarchist! If caught that would be a very petty crime so I’m sure they have camera’s and foot patrol’s to stop anyone from circumventing the law and walking past the park closed signs. You’re a rebel in disguise, CQ! (and my hero)

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