A new airline for TQE

With his fondness for flying, I wonder if TQE will take a trip on the new airline operating out of Erfurt?  I’m guessing he won’t since the tickets are a pricey 499 for a one-hour flight.


6 Responses to “A new airline for TQE”

  1. Hey– it’s round trip!

  2. Well, then it’s only 250 Euros each way! Woo Hoo!

    And hey, that young male flight attendant might be showing the banna in his shorts, those Germans seem to get aroused at stuff we Americans wouldn’t think twice about.

    I’d probably avoid it unless it was the nude gay flight. I agree that with our luck, we’d get seated next to the 80 year old woman with boobies down to her ankles. Yuk!

  3. If It was an all gay men’s flight I might, might! be tempted to fly except for the sad fact that to see me naked would cause the need for extra vomit bags.

  4. @ed: Oh come on, you sent me a photo of yourself once. You’re better looking than you think.

  5. You’re so kind. P is a lucky stiff. I still have your picture on my wall watching me type this comment.

  6. […] not one for this kind of fun, but thanks to CQ, I now know that for 500 €uros—a mere drop in the bucket, I can fly from the nearby Flughafen […]

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