I was amused

Blind SpotI admit it! I’m easily amused. Just wave some shiny keys in front of my face and I’ll be entertained for hours.

I was at the beach this weekend with P, and we drove by this strip mall with a list of stores I found mildly amusing. I wonder if the second and third on the list are in the same storefront or not.

Gotta go! I just got a glimpse of something glittery.


2 Responses to “I was amused”

  1. I see a vacant spot on the sign. I hope they put in a Mcdonald’s next to the Fitness Center.
    To the Beach? Holy Global Warming!!! I even see green grass. If the mostly mild weather we’ve had so far is the result of global Warming, I say bring it on!

  2. How funny! Once I was driving on a back road in North Carolina and I saw a handmade sign that said, “Bloodworms & Bride dolls” with an arrow pointing towards someone’s house. STRANGE!

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