Will I ever get this done?

Yesterday I found out the requirements for presenting my European Union Country X citizenship documentation have changed yet again.  I swear, it would be much simpler if that government would contact all of its consulates with a precise list as to how to perform this function, as no consulate is the same, with a process seemingly determined by whatever bureaucrat is in the position at the time.

I found out yesterday that the *very* favorable person I was to go see has moved on, less than six-months after being placed in the position.  The issue is I had prepared to see the person previous to her and was ready to go, then the process changed.  So I adapted, changed my document package to match her requirements and purchased airline tickets to fly to Philadelphia to present during normal consulate hours for the public, per her instructions. 

Now there is a new person in the position, and they insist on making an appointment to do this, and it’s not as if I have tons of money sitting around to react to the whims of the EU Country X bureaucrats!  So now I have probably got useless, non-refundable, airline tickets.  That is, unless the bureaucrat  makes an appointment with me on 17 March.

What is frustrating me is that now the requirements keep changing at the same consulate.  It’s one thing to have Consulate A want everything a certain way, and Consulate B to want it another, but when the requirements constantly change at a single consulate it’s impossible to adapt.  Especially since when new requirements come into effect, it takes months to prepare, then they change, requiring additional months to prepare.  Not a problem if the person stays in the position long enough, but when the document reviewer changes, you can’t get everything put together fast enough to meet their requirements before a new person is put in place, with different requirements.  It’s maddening!

I’m starting to feel like I’m playing basketball except in this case the hoop/goal is running around the court with the 10 players, instead of remaining stationary.  You never know where to make that 3-point shot.


4 Responses to “Will I ever get this done?”

  1. After all is said and done, I believe that soon the United states will join the European Union and use the Euro currency. We will all be citizens of the world.

  2. No, no, Ed. We’ll all be using something called the Amero and it will include Canada and Mexico.

    Gosh my grandparents are such conspiracy theorists! I guess I know where I get it from. 🙂

  3. CQ

    I, too, am trying to get my dual citizenship. Fortunately for me, my uncle had my grandfather’s naturalization paperwork. I had my appointment today at the consulate, but discovered that my mom’s first marriage broke the jure sanguinis chain!

    I now have to get 4 more pieces of paper, 4 more apostilles, and 4 more translations!

    Ca ching!

    It will be well worth it though, when I’m living and working in the EU, visiting new countries with the ease of a citizen!

    Good luck in your quest. Maybe we’ll see each other dining in Paris, sipping espresso in Italy, skiing along the Swiss alps. 😉


  4. Mikki–

    Thanks. I’d be curious as to how this works out for you. I have a similar issue myself.

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