Angry and sad

Tonight I find myself in Capitol City visiting P for the weekend.  On my way over I took the alternate route so I didn’t have to get on the Interstate because I find it a much more tolerable drive.

On the west side of Capitol City I missed a turn that took me about a minute to correct and move in the right direction.  As I traveled up the main road, things were moving really well until I got about a half mile from where I needed to turn off the road and head towards P’s apartment.  Had I not missed my turn, I would have found myself sitting at the intersection where I needed to turn when something horrible and tragic happened.  Instead, I drove up on it after it happened.

There was a three car wreck and the folks in the middle car obviously didn’t get out of it.  Today the newspaper confirmed what I thought, the people in the car died in the crash.  For that I’m sad.

Initially I thought the accident was caused by a drunk driver, but after reading the news that was not the case.  No, the crash happened because the person that caused it did it ON PURPOSE.  He drove into the stopped traffic at full speed and killed two innocent people.  After the crash, the guy that did it fled the scene on foot and the cops looked for him all night.

This is why I’m angry.  Who in the hell 1. Does something like this ON PURPOSE, and to people he doesn’t know (not that knowing the people would make it right), and 2. Who gets invovled in a crash such as this and then flees the scene, leaving behind his wife and kids, injured in the truck?

They caught this shining example of humanity walking down the same highway a few miles east of the crash site this morning.  He’s since been arrested for the murder of the people in the sedan.  They only arrested him for second degree, but SHEESH, he did this on purpose.  Isn’t that pre-meditation?

I hope they string him up by his ball$, and let the family of the two people he killed cut him down from that situation, and not through the rope.  Jacka$$!


4 Responses to “Angry and sad”

  1. what a sick jerk. seriously. i kinda just threw up in my mouth.

  2. Ditto Koko … except maybe for the puking part.

  3. Someone was watching over you CQ. Thank God you missed a turn you knew well. Reminds me of years ago when my Dad worked on the state highway and was doing flagger duty. He was building a new house in his spare time. A tornado came and took down the wall in front and back in a V shape. It was a block house and he stayed home from work to clean and salvage as many blocks as possible. The guy who took his place was ran over and killed by a crazed driver. I thank God we got to grow up with our Dad being there.

  4. I feel badly for the son of the woman that was killed in the wreck. Apparently his dad was killed in another wreck a couple of years ago. *ugh*

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