Did London just get cheaper?

Apparently the trip I took with TQE to London in 2003 has suddenly gotten $25 cheaper.  It seems that the American credit card issuers were overcharging for fees on foreign credit card transactions without detailing to the customers what the true fees were.  This included ATM’s, credit card purchases with merchants, etc.  In other words, they were ripping the customers off and hoping nobody would notice.  Well, someone noticed and sued their pants off.

Of course, I’m sending off the form letter to the settlement administrator for the class action suit, and since I’m cynical, I’ll see if I actually get the money back. 

If nothing else, I feel justified in my 2003-era rage against Capital One for trashing my credit report for a $3 underpayment, because of these hidden charges.  I used all the information available to me at the time and paid my bill.  I thought I had made an error in exchange rates, but apparently not!

Again, let’s see if I get my $25.  If I don’t, then London just got $0.41 more expensive.


3 Responses to “Did London just get cheaper?”

  1. Dear Cynical Queer, is that your real name? Anyway I’m sending this note to inform you we are sending a check for 25 USD your way!
    There were administrative fees incurred in securing these funds for you.
    Also, the exchange rate between USD and Euros is 3:1 so you now owe us the modest amount of 12 million dollars USD.
    We expect payment in full within 30 days. Thank you for participating in the class action suit.

  2. disenchanted Says:

    Hey! I got that same form letter. I’m gonna’ fill it out, but have no expectations of getting the cash.

  3. a friend of mine did that a year ago and was able to get money back….so hopefully you will too 🙂

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