OK, let’s try this one…

Since the last try at changing the look of the blog was a horrible failure, I decided I’d try this one. 

The photo is custom, do you like it?


12 Responses to “OK, let’s try this one…”

  1. love the new look! I think it fits nicely! 🙂

  2. The sun coming up out of the mountains is so fabulous! It’s like 6 inch Prada heels with an Ann Taylor Cape it goes together perfectly. Now if you can only add the crowning touch it will be like a Dolce Y Gabana purse. What makes you think I might be Gay? I like it ‘Kay?

  3. Bonus to Ed if he can tell me where the photo was taken. 😀

  4. Yes, I like the new look.

    Is that picture the view out your window? 😉

  5. From what I’ve gleaned about you over the years I’d say it is near Denver. It looks more like West Virginia though to me.

  6. @Cameron: I wish that was the view out my window.

    @Ed: Definitely not Denver. You’d have to travel quite a ways from Denver to get this particular view.

  7. After using my magical powers of Computer superiority I will say the header scene is from swaziland on the dark continent of Africa.

  8. oh gosh, I think i just figured it out.

  9. Probably doesn’t help that the photo is titled, “Swazisunset” does it?

  10. What do you mean? I deduced where it was from by my superior mental powers. So do I get a picture of CQ and P kissing?

  11. Keep that up and you might get a picture of CQ and P doing someting else.

  12. Promises, promises

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