It saves the world?!? Really?

I about choked on my tongue when I saw this one.

“GM’s New Spin: Buy a Hummer, Save Humanity”

So let me get this right, a vehicle that is mostly used by residents of suburbia to drive back and forth to work, thats most exciting 4-wheel drive adventure is to stop by *$’s for latte on a stick, and gets fuel economy that can roughly be described in gallons per mile, is going to save humanity?

I am *really* beginning to hate the business I work in.


3 Responses to “It saves the world?!? Really?”

  1. CQ you know Hummer’s are to help others out. Those who have them and those who give them are a rare breed. Just like the guy in my class at Comunity College last night we found ourselves with 3 hours to kill. He took me out by the Resevior and offered me his love rod and so I gave him a Hummer. See how it works, CQ? Charity for all. Do I know what I’m talking about or what?

  2. @ed: Your interpretation certainly gives a different meaning to “latte on a stick” than I was intending.

  3. Ok the guy is married but real cute and I didn’t want to do it but…okay I did want to do it…bad eddie! (next time he’s bringing a blanket, too many thorns I said we don’t need to lay down and he said you will for what I’ve got in mind [smiles]) Did I mention he is real cute?

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