Hunting for a nest

This weekend P and I went to the capitol of Conservative Hell and went apartment and house hunting as he has accepted a new job in the area. Good for me, as he will only be about 1 1/2 hours away instead of 3.

First, the house we went to see.

This place was listed at about $300,000 and came with two outbuildings/garages on nearly 1 acre of land. The photos made it look much better than it actually was. Frankly, I still liked the property, but when the current owners put money into it, why didn’t they spend the extra $100 to change all the dirty, old light switches and electric outlets? I mean it made everything else they did look SOOOOO tacky.

The agent was also the owner of this particular property, and when it came time to talk numbers I was amused that in one breath the guy said, “I have room to move on the price” and in the next told me, “I can get $40,000 more for this home than what I have it listed for…” I found this last comment particularly amusing since he lowered the asking price $10,000 two days before. So if you can get more for it, why is the price dropping?

We also looked at apartments. P nearly decided on choosing a place in a brand new complex. So new, the landscaping isn’t even in yet. But… the apartment was brand new. I liked the place, it was near all the new shopping in the area and frankly it’s kind of cool to live in a brand new place. I liked it a lot until we drove into the adjoining area on the OTHER side of the complex from the new shopping area and realized that on the back side of the property is where the ‘hood for this particular town is. Immediately it was taken off the list as it seemed like this area was the American version of a South African township.

We settled on another complex about 20 miles away from this one, but the same distance from his new job. He’ll have a basement apartment, but it has a patio, and the only reason it’s a basement unit is that it is built into the side of a hill. So there is light and a nice forest in the back. The cat will love it. There is also a HUGE new movie theater next door and tons of shopping and easy access to downtown Capitol City.

I think P will be happy there, but this means that moving out west is on hold now, probably for two years. *ugh* I keep trying to get out of Conservative Hell, but things keep holding me here. You’d think that getting a western BF would have made moving back to the west easier. LOL


2 Responses to “Hunting for a nest”

  1. If he had purchased the house you two could have fixed it up together. House prices are so scary in most places. Here, for $300,000 you could buy a mansion with 80 acres and a stable. The down side is you’d have to live HERE! WooHoo only 1and a half hours away you can have him every weekend, to come over I mean.

  2. aw how fun! i’m glad that he’s closer now. my bf is 12 hrs away *sad*

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