Walks that turn into hikes

There is a park adjacent to where I work that I have taken to walking in during the past year or so.  Apparently the park is at the low-point of the city, because now it is closed and you can’t walk through it.  The reason, the city is rebuilding the sewer through the park, so they are digging it up.

OK, public works need maintenance periodically, but do they have to close the *entire* park while they do this?  The park is over a mile long, so I don’t think you can possibly be digging the whole thing up.  I did notice that they are done working on one section but that the trail through the park is still closed.  I have no idea why, but it seems rude the recreating public to keep that section of the park closed.

The one good thing, at least today, that resulted from detouring on my walk, is that there was a good-looking, well-muscled guy about 40-45 years of age, out in his yard blowing leaves wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and his shoes. 

I really wish Buff McF*ckstud would have asked me in so I could show him how well I blow “leaves”. 

I’m a such a slut.


4 Responses to “Walks that turn into hikes”

  1. Gee CQ was the camera on your picture phone working? Help a brother out. I thought you would be more of a blowee than a blower. I think CQ is a buff McF*ckstud! Too many muscles make for a musclebound ogre. I like a more normal looking guy with a cute smile and bedroom eyes. Know anyone like that CQ? (hint: look in the mirror)

  2. Actually, right now you’d be more likely to drive me up to the lake and try to roll me back into the waer. *shrugs*

  3. Buff McF*ckstud, my new favorite word. I like the big hairy trucker look and the young firm blond look and the …Oh GEEZ I am a slut!

  4. What Ed said. 🙂

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