I’ve run into just a bit of this while pursuing dual-citizenship with EU Country X.  This word was also the name of an old text adventure game I used to play on the computer back in the mid-1980’s to pass the time.  It was one of those games you had to read everything like a book and then type a response.

In that game I had to figure out how to feed my pet llama and at the same time get myself fed.  Well, I went to the pet store and purchased a bag of llama chow, then decided I would stop by a sandwich shop to get something to eat.  The owner of the shop wouldn’t let me in because I was carrying a competing variety of food, namely the llama chow.   I left the llama chow outside, went in, got my food, and came back out and pigeons had eaten the entire bag of llama chow.  I could hear my poor pet llama off in the distance bleating its little heart out, its only desire to get some tasty llama chow.

At the end, I managed to feed the llama and it bleated happily for my efforts.

Twenty years later I find myself playing the game for real.  I have now collected all the documents I need to get my dual-citizen status recognized by EU County X, but now I can’t get in touch with those people I need to contact so I can present the documentation.  I can’t present yet, because I still have a couple of things I need to do, but I also need to get clarification on a couple of points.  The most important?  Can I use my own translator or must I use one from an approved list?

So I called this morning at a time everyone on the message forums told me to call.  I got voicemail telling me to call back at 2:00-4:00 PM.  I’m guessing I’ll call back between those hours and get voicemail yet again.  The problem?  They don’t return calls!  They also don’t respond to e-mail, snail-mail, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or telegraph.  Apparently they think that everyone can simply drop by the consulate at lunch, which for me would be a pretty amazing feat considering I live a 9-hour drive away.

Yup, bureaucracy… gotta love it!


9 Responses to “Bureaucracy”

  1. Me thinks they are hoping you’ll just give up and go away. I’d make a small vacation of it go get P and drive the 9 hours. Get a nice Hotel room and go look them in the face. Get want you need then go back to the King size bed and celebrate.

  2. If only it were that simple. It’s the bureaucracy of EU Country X at work. The problem is they don’t realize that the distance people need to travel from here to their consulate that is responsible for this area is 750 kilometers. I have to drive PAST the embassy in Washington, DC to get there.

    You would think I could just go to the embassy, but NO… I have to go to another large city north of there instead. *ugh*

    I’ve seen this situation before. People that work in the particular department I need to see in other consulates tend to use the position as a way to take an extended, paid vacation in the US instead of doing their job. The consulate I’m working with was excellent until 2 months ago, now it’s a huge black hole that doesn’t answer their phone, e-mail, or anything else it seems.

  3. What choice do you have? You must jump through whatever hoops they hold out for you. Fly to the big city and show them you will not ever give up. You have X country blood flowing through your veins and they are not quitters or push-overs.
    It does seem so stupid to make you go past an Embassy to go to a branch or Consulate. No wonder Columbus moved to Spain!

  4. Give me the money to fly there and I’ll do it.

  5. When my rich Uncle gets out of the poor house I’ll send you the money. First I’ll fix my roof before the whole thing collapses. The whole kitchen ceiling is sagging now except for the part that has already collapsed. Then i’ll get my Electricity fixed. I only have 3 plug-ins that work and have extension cords everywhere. Then I’ll buy a new car mine is 20 years old. Then with the 12 dollars left i’ll send it to you, CQ.

  6. I think you’ll need the $12 to put out the fire that’s going to happen when the leaky roof gets your extension cords wet. *shrugs*

    That said, I *finally* got in touch with someone today. It appears I’m closer to being done with this than I originally thought. I need translations and apostilles and then I’m on my way to the consulate to present.

    If I’ve heard things right, if my documents are in order I may be able to apply for my passport the same day. That means that I’ll be an EU Country X citizen when I get up to present the documents. 🙂

    Now all we got to do is get TQE to do this. Then he’ll never have to worry about all those nasty work visas so he can stay in Germany.

  7. A friend of mine lived in Norway on a work visa and tried to change to a school visa but they shipped him back to the Phillipines. TQE knows him, Chase love of Odd. I tried ot tell Chase that Marriage is legal between two men in Norway. He said yeah me and Odd are going to get married but they didn’t. I think if they had married while Chase was still in Norway surely they would not have broken up the legal couple by sending Chase back to the Phillipines.
    Don’t worry CQ none of the plugs work in the Kitchen except the dryer plug and it is back against the dry side. I took the fuses out for the ceiling lights because they began to flicker off and on. Some of the plug-ins were on the same circuit. You and P are going to have to stop buy and see a real crap shack. LOL.

  8. You should see what the United States makes people do… going past the embassy is pretty mild.

  9. TQE – My Las Vegas friend that has been spending a lot of time in Brazil is finding this out first hand. Not only does the USA make it difficult, but they make it INCREDIBLY difficult for Brazilians to even visit!

    He has a Brazilian friend that would like to come to the US for 2-3 months to attend an English immersion program, but he can’t get a visa to visit. My friend has even offered to provide proof that he can financially support his Brazilian friend during the stay.

    Nope, still no travel permission.

    I hope to have the EU passport when I go visit him in Brazil (he may be moving down there) so I don’t have to pay the $100 US Citizen “tax” when I go. I’ll have to see what the Brazilians require of the EU Country X citizens first.

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