Beautiful Things

A book came in for review today and the person that received it gave it to me thinking I would really like it since it was a photo album of The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of California.

Since my small hometown is on the cover, I must be a native of *the* most beautiful town in California.

The person that gave me the book didn’t realize the town on the cover is where I am from until after they handed it to me.


8 Responses to “Beautiful Things”

  1. Gee CQ I didn’t realize you were from a Swiss village! That city must be in the Alps. Nestled amongst the rolling hills and filled with people who exude bigotry and hypocrisy. A place your proud to call Home!

  2. hahahaha… that is excellent.

    I hear your town likes poison oak as well… is that true?

  3. Ed – Well, it’s not quite a Swiss Village. It’s amazing what a bit of forced perspective and nice filters on a camera lens can do.

    TQE – Yes, they like poison oak. How did you know? 😉

  4. cq: there was a rather long and somewhat uncomfortable to read article in a major national newspaper that I read online regularly. I thought about posting it, but other things took precedence.

  5. Was this something about using the poison oak in a chili recipie? I read something about that a while ago. They used the leaves as a garnish on the side and didn’t eat them. That would be absolutely insane, considering what that particular plant would do to a persons digestive tract.

    Me? I avoided poison oak like a plague. That stuff makes poison ivy seem harmless.

  6. Poison Oak as a GArnish! Are they insane? You’d still have to touch it and get sores and itching between your fingers. Oh how I hate that! I know Poison oak and Ivy when I see them and avoid them like the plague! Leaves of three let them be.

  7. this was more about a poison oak festival…

  8. […] for me, it sounds like the documents I need are housed somewhere in my Swiss village, as Ed called it, in California.  All I need to do is find them.  I’ll start with the death […]

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