Scrape, sand, prime, paint

That describes this past weekend at ye olde crap shack.  The first two were mostly done by P and I did most of the second two. 

P is a GREAT worker and has managed to sand and scrape about two-thirds of the trim on the house already.  I don’t think the trim on the crap shack has been painted in over 20 years.  This means there is a TON of scraping and sanding.  Oddly, it’s chipped quite bad, but when I prime it, then paint it, it mostly comes out looking like woodgrain. 

So far we have only encountered one problem –  the color chosen for the trim.  When combined with the red bricks it has made the portions I’ve painted already look like an old McDonald’s.  So I need to find myself a new color.  Fortunately I only bought a quart of the paint that was used to test it, and I’m glad I did that.  I need a color in the same family, but a few shades darker, and perhaps with a hint of green in it.  I’m thinking something along the lines of spicy mustard.

So that’s what I’ve been up to other than catching-up on Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, and watching Torchwood.  I should mention that I spoke with TQE on the phone briefly.  He seems to be doing well and I’m sorry I did not have a chance to go to Washington, DC to visit with him.


6 Responses to “Scrape, sand, prime, paint”

  1. It’s not fair! You meet a guy like P who does carpentry and everything and those of us who need a handyman can’t find one. You guys should start a repair and remodeling business. Mustard trim? I think you’ve lived in the South a bit too long. Here in the midwest the only trim for brcik houses is white, boring! I think I woudl try black or gunmetal gray.

  2. Well the trim is white. There is a house directly across the street with the same bricks as mine and it’s white. So I’m wanting it to be different. I went with a tan color yesterday, put some of it up last night, and it looks a lot better than the off-white/yellow I picked before.

    Let’s see what I think when I get more of it up.

  3. disenchanted Says:

    I could use your handymanness this week. The AC went belly up (I’m hoping it’s the motor, not anything more expensive …) and all of the phones in our house stopped working. Plus, it’s been so dry out that the ants have invaded our kitchen sink (even though we have an ant trap) looking for water. Ugh.

  4. The phone lines should be an easy fix. I’m guessing the terminals are corroded where the service enters your house, at least by your description of the problem. If you have access to the box, you can clean the wiring by removing one wire at a time and using a bit of steel wool on it. Then hook the wire back up.

    The wires in the phone lines won’t zap you, they are simply not all that powerful.

  5. disenchanted Says:

    The phone company is supposed to come today (well, the cable company). The line has always been a bit static-y. As for the A/C, our friends recommended a place with 24 hours service! Who calls the A/C people in the middle of the night??? Anyhows, they are coming today also. The dogs are gonna’ be all stressed out.

  6. Tear open a packet of Equal and leave it out for the Ants it will finish them off faster than an Alter Boy in the confessional booth.

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